This website was created by David Kutcher, owner of Moonlit Sea Prints and Confluent Forms LLC, to be the catalogue raisonné for Shiro Kasamatsu.

While there have been an abundance of museum shows on the artist, there are far fewer comprehensive books on his life and career, and even fewer online resources. The one comprehensive book is in limited production and almost entirely in Japanese, limiting its utility for non-Japanese speakers.

Our goals for this website are threefold:

  • To provide a comprehensive catalog of the artist’s work
  • To enable that catalog to be searchable and filtered based on a number of attributes (year published, publisher, subject, art movement, etc)
  • To provide data regarding editions and edition sizes where possible

To that end, while we are continually working to further complete this catalog, we are also soliciting help, your help, to fill in the gaps. Do you have a picture of a print that we have listed without an image? Do you have an edition for a print that we don’t have identified? Please submit feedback and contribute to our understanding of this artist’s amazing body of work.